Gateway Freight Systems (GFS) is a leading freight company operating through Egypt, providing high quality House Hold Moving services to individual and corporate clients.

It was established 1998, based on an international household goods moving concept for the Japanese community in Egypt.

Quickly, Gateway became one of the largest companies of its type in Egypt.

Gateway Freight Systems Provides a Wide range of Integrated Logistics Solutions, GFS Core Business Activities Include Air/Sea Freight forwarding.

FCL, LCL and general cargo services from/to major ports and markets round the globe, regardless of the size and weight of your shipments, we give you the best choice that meets your requirements.

Inbound and Outbound Door- to Door Worldwide, Ground & Road Transport, Consolidations Licensed Customs Clearance Household Goods Moving and Project Forwarding.

We arrange full Logistics plans and ensure that goods on time at requested place.

By constantly investing in the development of staff through the training, Gateway Can say with confidence that it possesses the experiences, the logistics know-how, And above all, the people, to ensure that every client receives the highest possible level of personal attention.

China Cargo
Alliance Co.LTD

Egyptian International
Freight Forwarding

International Federation
of Freight Forwarders

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